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Sensei Terry initially began practicing Karate out of Sensei Phillip Dingman’s dojo almost 50 years ago. Over his two decades of practice, he learned his passion for the martial art. Over time his developed his drive to teach others and share his knowledge.

The idea of a karate club began, humbly, in his own basement in 1988. It was here that West St. Paul Karate was established. After roughly two years of teaching, the dojo grew enough to require moving to a community gym facility. Finally in 2008 the club expanded again, to our current location at Access Centre, at the West St. Paul Recreation Site in West St. Paul.

Presently West St. Paul Karate has become a family affair with Sensei Terry's son Sensei Derrick teaching classes as well!

We are proud to have over 30 year of teaching !

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